Clinical hygiene – even underneath the operating table

The new cleaning shuttle by SCHMITZ u. Söhne helps ensure maximum hygiene in the operating theatre

Hygiene and cleanliness play a crucial role in the operating theatre – but also present one of the greatest challenges. For example, until now it was virtually impossible to thoroughly clean the underside of the chassis of mobile operating tables. As cleaning staff cannot simply tilt or lift the table, it is virtually impossible to access this area. That is why SCHMITZ u. Söhne have developed and launched a special cleaning shuttle for its DIAMOND series operating tables, which can be used to hygienically clean the underside of the tables.

Easy handling
The new cleaning shuttle comprises a separate, rolling frame and can be operated with just a few hand movements: firstly, the staff adjust the operating table to its maximum height before wheeling it into the steady shuttle. Then they position the supports of the shuttle directly under the seat section of the table. They then lower the table again. This causes the chassis of the table to lift up to 35 centimetres off the ground, which means that the underside can now be easily and thoroughly cleaned. In this position, they can also easily check the end result at a glance.

“Our cleaning shuttle is an excellent example of how effective innovation can be implemented by simple means,” explains Friedrich Schmitz, managing partner of the SME that manufactures medical furniture.

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