Decubitus ulcers don’t stand a chance

SCHMITZ u. Söhne’s new gel cushions effectively prevent bedsores and their implications

Simple solution, huge advantage: thanks to SCHMITZ u. Söhne’s new anatomically formed gel cushions, pressure sores (decubitus ulcers) and nerve damage after operations are a thing of the past. The support cushions for the operating table are proven to relieve and effectively protect the patient.

Parts of the body with only a thin layer of fat between the bone and skin – for example the back of the head, shoulder blades, tailbone or heels – are particularly prone to pressure sores. That is why the medium-sized manufacturer of medical furniture has expanded its range in this area, adding special gel cushions for every susceptible body part and for many different lying positions during the operation. They are compatible with all SCHMITZ operating tables.

Serious implications of decubitus ulcers
Pressure sores damage and at worst even totally destroy the tissue. They occur when certain parts of the patient’s body are exposed to high pressure for a prolonged period. This can damage individual nerves or neuroplexuses, which, at worst, could result in paralysis of individual limbs. Poor circulation and the associated lack of oxygen are the main causes of decubitus ulcers.

“There is no easy way to actively prevent pressure sores and their serious implications,” says Wolfgang Schüttler, product manager at SCHMITZ.

“The new gel cushions effectively protect the patient and represent a reasonable investment for clinics. They help them to meet their responsibilities towards their patients.”

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