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A new world of flexibility in the operating theatre.

SCHMITZ’s universal mobile operating tables open up new possibilities.
A cost-effective alternative for hospitals, clinics and surgeries.

DIAMOND – an operating table in a class of its own

The DIAMOND leads the pack in terms of its capabilities and specifications in every discipline, guaranteeing reliability at the very highest level.

Mobility, flexibility and absolute reliability in surgery.

OPX mobilis® – the all-rounder of operating tables

The OPX mobilis® stands out thanks to its versatility in a wide range of applications.

Coupled with its ease of use, its high mobility ensures durability and reliability in every task.

varimed® – furniture for OR theatres and outpatient departments

The accessories required for day-to-day OR theatre work in recognised quality.


A benchmark for quality and design:
the DIAMOND operating table has won the prestigious reddot Design Award.

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Patient transport made easy.

varimed® functional trolley
Our experts for everyday clinical practice.

General medical furniture
The indispensable helper in your daily routine.