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The new SCHMITZ ISO trolleys


SCHMITZ’s market-leading ISO trolleys offer the perfect assistance for everyday clinical practice.
Hardwearing and flexible – varimed® ISO and functional trolleys are used in almost every German clinic.

In order to constantly optimise the existing workflows in everyday hospital life, SCHMITZ is continuously working on new and advanced solutions in close cooperation with the end users.

Numerous of these newly developed optimisations and features have been included in the new ISO trolley range.

Removable and interchangeable ISO standardized trays and baskets simplify the logistic storage and transport system in the hospital.

The proven SCHMITZ ISO trolleys have undergone the next step in their development and offer now, among others, the option of allowing the use of half-module trays or baskets (dim. 300 x 400 mm), even combining frames for full-size and half-size ISO modules in one trolley.

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