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vidan®2 by SCHMITZ sets new standards


The new technically advanced video colposcope is now ultra-bright, more precise and more convenient to operate than its predecessor

With the vidan®2, SCHMITZ u. Söhne expands the limits of video colposcopy: the technically advanced video colposcope with Full HD and an integrated computer in the examination chair is now ultra-bright, more precise and more convenient to operate than its predecessor. It represents an innovation that expands the gynaecological examination chairs in the medi-matic® series. As SCHMITZ has greatly enhanced the brightness and optical zoom of the camera of the vidan®2, even the most minute details can be displayed on the large-format touchscreen monitor.

Flexibility, comfort and ergonomics

The new video colposcope facilitates the gynaecologist’s task in many ways: the 160° swivelling monitor arm and the freely swivelling, turning and inclinable 21.5″ screen make it possible for physicians to involve patients more closely in the examination, in particular because the monitor can be easily switched to a connected ultrasound device. With the vidan®2, patient data can now be entered directly via the touchscreen on the monitor.

The flexible camera arm allows the physician to conduct the examination from an ergonomically optimal sitting position, thus preventing fatigue. When the video colposcope is not used, the physician can store the camera arm in a space-saving parking position.

A more precise display of the examination area for more reliability

The vidan®2 offers maximum reliability for physicians and patients: the integrated LED light in the video colposcope camera is equipped with an additional examination light, achieving an illumination of 30,000 Lux. Thanks to the continuous, 42x optical zoom even the most minute details can be captured and transmitted in HD quality to the monitor, which greatly facilitates the diagnosis for physicians. The automatic focusing function and the fixed 6x and 15x zoom expedite the examination at the touch of the button. The additional green light ensures a better display of tissue.

Connectivity and economic efficiency

The vidan®2 is autarkic and thus independent of the physician’s PC. Using the preinstalled SCHMITZ vidan®2 software, physicians can view and archive the images – either via the USB interface or by means of a transfer file defined in advance on the local network. If so desired, the vidan®2 colposcope can be fully integrated into the existing EDP system. An optional connectivity package extends the connection options with an additional HDMI input and HDMI output.

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