Patient stretcher can now hold up to 300 kg

SCHMITZ u. Söhne’s trusted STL 285 has undergone further development to meet current market demands

The number of considerably overweight people in Germany and many other countries is rising. Manufacturers of medical furniture need to take this into account when developing their products. That is why SCHMITZ u. Söhne has further developed its STL 285 to meet new market demands: the trusted patient stretcher used to hold up to 225 kg, but the new model is now designed for a maximum working load of 300 kg.

“Optimally tailor products to the current demand”

“We always aim to tailor our products in the best way possible to the current needs of the patients and medical staff,” explains Friedrich Schmitz, managing partner of the family-run SME from Wickede (Ruhr). For example, not only has SCHMITZ u. Söhne increased the load capacity of its patient stretcher for use within clinics, but it has also recently launched a new antibacterial coating. This cover contains innovative silver ion technology, which is proven to kill up to 99 percent of dangerous pathogens, such as bacteria, mould and fungi, on the surface within two hours. Certain strains could otherwise survive for up to 16 months. This innovative coating can even effectively reduce multiresistant MRSA germs, which are forever making the headlines.

Easy to operate and particularly economical

SCHMITZ u. Söhne has, however, retained the functional versatility, the aesthetic appearance, easy handling and the attractive value for money of the stretcher. For example, its extremely low starting height of just 550 millimetres means that even elderly and hip patients can get on easily. Thanks to its low net weight, the STL can be moved quickly with minimal effort. And with its attractive purchase and maintenance cost, the patient stretcher also represents great value for money.

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