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Wickede (Ruhr) and its global market leaders

Wickede – The Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs in the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia, Christoph Dammermann, congratulated company representative Friedrich Schmitz on the success of the whole team on Thursday. At the ceremony at the Arnsberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the long-standing, Wickede-based company, along with 13 other firms, was awarded a certificate, officially confirming it global market leader in its industry.

SCHMITZ is one of around 160 companies from southern Westphalia proven to be either a top-three company in terms of turnover in its international niche market or a technological leader.

The market segment that SCHMITZ successfully serves as a global market leader involves gynaecological and urological examination chairs.

In his presentation, Friedrich Schmitz stressed, ‘We are not just about innovation and functionality – design also plays a major role: SCHMITZ uses attractive colours and soft, rounded forms to help alleviate any anxiety patients may have before an examination.’

Mayor Dr Martin Michalzik congratulated Friedrich Schmitz and Sales Managers Klaus Teut and Laurent Vermeersch on the award: ‘This is a wonderful example of how a sense of connection to Wickede (Ruhr) and local roots, together with courage and innovation, have resulted in success for generations.’

Michalzik also reflected on the fact that a third of Schmitz’s approximately 200 employees were educated in the area and that the average company service is around 19 years.

‘Now in its third and fourth generation, Friedrich and Matthias Schmitz are at the helm of the company’s success – and that’s not to be taken for granted, that’s an extraordinary achievement.’

The fact that three of the 160 southern Westphalian global market leaders are from Wickede (Ruhr) confirms its status as an industrial community in his opinion. Besides SCHMITZ, which was established in 1930 as Josef Schmitz Stahl- und Eisenrohre OHG, the other two are the WHW-Hillebrand Group and Wilhelm Humpert KG. He also pointed to the Hagen-based Wälzholz Group as a fourth title holder currently committed to the area.

‘There are also other large and medium-sized globally active companies here. Overall, considering its small size and modest population, Wickede (Ruhr) is remarkable for its entrepreneurial spirit and economic prowess in the region,’ the Mayor said.

Recognition of great achievements in the demanding market of medical devices: Friedrich Schmitz (second from right) received praise and a certificate from the Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs in North-Rhine Westphalia, Christoph Dammermann (right). He was also congratulated by Mayor Dr Martin Michalzik, Chief Executive of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Ilona Lange and President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Andreas Rother. (from left) – Photo: The municipality of Wickede (Ruhr)

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