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Maximum comfort and leading reliability for your everyday clinical practice

DIAMOND – the operating table for the most demanding requirements. Made in Germany.
Winner of the reddot Design Award and has been nominated for the German Design Award.

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Ready for any requirement

The DIAMOND meets the demands and prerequisites of every surgical discipline in the OR theatre.

Perfectly thought-out operating concept

Guarantees safe and controlled handling.

Future-proof thanks to the latest technology.

Rethinking use and flexibility

The pre-release feature ensures a perfect workflow thanks to its intuitive operating comfort.

Offering loading capacity and flexibility in any position

Our innovative design meets exacting professional requirements.

Unrestricted functionality

The high conceptual standard enables optimal access and a high level of radiolucence.

Accessories for the DIAMOND & OPX mobilis®

The range of options enables the operating table to be customised, thereby perfecting your workplace – oriented towards your structures.

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Customer testimonials

Dr. Piotr Bryniarski

„The DIAMOND operating table by SCHMITZ has given us a great opportunity to perform the full spectrum of urological operations from open and laparoscopic surgeries to endoscopic ones. The reverse position of this table enables us to perform transurethral and percutaneous operations under full fluoroscopic control. There are no limitations in performance of percutaneous operations both in prone and supine position. I can truly recommend this table for all urologists around the world.“

Dr. Shaun Luyt

„An operating table with innovative design meeting both our surgical and anaesthetic requirement for patient comfort and safety, allowing the anaesthetist smooth safe control for maximizing surgical access. The optimal radio translucency and easy customization with the wide array of available accessories makes this an extremely versatile operating table for any surgical discipline in our theaters. As part of our practice‘s commitment to safe quality care the reliability and quality of the DIAMOND operating table allows us definite peace of mind!“


A benchmark in quality and design:
The DIAMOND operating table has won the reddot Design Award.

Download the catalogue to learn more about the DIAMOND now.

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