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Added value in the form of universal features and unrestricted mobility

OPX mobilis® – exemplary flexibility and reliability.
For medical practices, outpatient use and the OR theatre. Made in Germany.

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Functional operability

The straightforward, reliable operating concept allows
simple and independent positioning.

Universal, flexible and versatile.

Comfortable and preventive

The use of memory foam pads guarantees maximum patient comfort and ideal decubitus prophylaxis.

Universal mobility

The stable chassis ensures 100% controlled and energy-efficient mobility for added safety.

Easy to care for and hygienic

The sophisticated holistic hygiene concept guarantees optimal hygienic conditions in the OR theatre thanks to self-adhesive gel glue.

Accessories for the DIAMOND & OPX mobilis®

The range of options enables the operating table to be customised, thereby perfecting your workplace – oriented towards your structures.

Download catalogue

Download the catalogue to learn more about the OPX mobilis® now.

Download catalogue


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