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vidan®2 – a genuine innovation:
The first integrated HD video colposcope with touchscreen monitor.

Precise, bright, comfortable.

The technically advanced video colposcope with Full HD and an integrated computer in the examination chair is the ideal addition to the medi-matic® examination chair.

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Maximum precision with Full HD

A successful colposcopy depends on details that can only be detected with maximum image quality.

vidan®2 aids in diagnosis.

Supports all common interfaces for integration into your own network.

Doctor-patient relationship

The freely swivelling, rotating and tilting monitor provides optimal display of the examination and allows the patient to be involved in the examination if she wishes.

Build trust through dialogue.

Ergonomic and time saving

The integrated computer guarantees that the examination results can be backed up quickly and easily right on the examination chair.

An optimised workplace with an ergonomic design.

vidan®2 – mobile

The vidan®2 can be flexibly positioned around the treatment chair, making it comfortable and efficient to use.

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Customer testimonials

Elke Grotegut-Semik

The vidan® video colposcope has become an indispensable tool for me.

„It’s easy to operate, the magnification options are perfect and it’s also great for everyday examination situations. One thing I find especially convenient is that the video colposcope can be parked in a way that saves space.“

Dr. med. Paata Saria

The acquisition of the vidan® video colposcopes has already paid off.

“If I were using a conventional colposcope I would need a lot more time for positioning and focusing than I do for the entire examination using the vidan®. In my practice the examination takes only 20 seconds, even though I produce three images for each patient by default, one with green light, one with red and one with white. Each of my patients undergoes one colposcopy a year, and thereafter as required.“

Prim. Dr. Michael Rohde

The vidan® video colposcope as a milestone in gynaecological examination.

“In my view colposcopy will remain an important diagnostic tool in gynaecological examinations. In spite of intensive efforts to prevent cervical pathologies through vaccination, there will continue to be cytological or molecular pathology findings that will require targeted clarification by means of colposcopy and biopsy.”

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